#iLoveBOBs Fed Biz Cohort | Spring 2017

#iLoveBOBs Fed Biz Cohort | Spring 2017

Updated BBOMB January 2017 Selling to Fed, Solomon and Cassandra 01-18-2017

The January 21, 2017 breakfast at our new location in University City was a huge success! So much so we are moving forward with the Fed Biz Cohort to immediately put into action some of the lessons taught by the two distinguished presenters Mr. Solomon Wheeler, Branch Manager, U.S. Small Business Administration and Cassandra Davis, President & CEO of Independent Business Solutions (IBS).

fb testimonial for 01-21-2017 BBOMB

We will be meeting next Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am to start this journey to slay Goliath and win business from the Federal Government procurement process.

If you attended the 1/21/2017 breakfast and want to participate, please complete the #iLoveBOBs Fed Biz Cohort | Spring 2017 Sign Up.

Looking forward to growing our business together through the multi-million dollar RFP opportunities of the Federal Government.


Joel Wilson,#iLoveBOBs Team & Co-Hort Coordinator


Event photo from 01-21-2017 BBOMB


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