My 2017 New Years Resolution – Serious Business Growth! | (5) Stages of Business Growth


Hello, my name is Joel Wilson and I am President & CEO of JCW Computer Consulting, LLC and 1 of the 5 Team Leaders for #iLoveBOBs.

I am proud to say that I am a 20+ year entrepreneur, have achieved Minority Business Enterprise certification, am a FORWURD Business Member and member of the African-American Chamber of Commerce of PA-NJ-DE.

However I am not proud to say, even with employees and many clients, my business has not grown how it should have and I’ve been stuck in the Survival Stage according to Harvard Business Review: The Five Stages of Small Business Growth

  1. Stage I: Existence

  2. Stage II: Survival

  3. Stage III: Success

  4. Stage IV: Take-off

  5. Stage V: Resource Maturity

I am writing this post to humanize the struggle of many small business owners and to make a commitment to do what is necessary to make it to the next stage in 2017. This is my own personal self analysis, which is first needed to move forward. There have been many factors in my company’s stagnation including proper entrepreneurial training, A/R (customer’s owing us money), employee challenges, family crises, etc. along with my own missteps.

Fortunately, 2016 brought the formation of five (5) very talented and different individuals together who make up the Leadership Team for #iLoveBOBs. Under the mantra of  ENCOURAGE | EDUCATE | EMPOWER we have built a entrepreneurial community to provide support and encourage collaboration and spawn the growth to all those who truly want it. Read the  Harvard Business Review: The Five Stages of Small Business Growth and let’s discuss.

Like the old hair loss commercial use to say. I am not only the President, I am a client. Looking forward to growing with you in 2017!

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