*New* #iLoveBOBs Marketing and Business Outreach Committee – We Need Your Help!

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*New* #iLoveBOBs Marketing and Business Outreach Committee (updated 1/19/2017)

“Many hands make light work” – John Heywood

#iLoveBOBs is approaching our one (1) year anniversary of our phenomenally successful Black Business Owners Monthly Breakfast, secured a new breakfast home to allow workshops and seminars, launched a new website iLoveBOBs.com, faciliated BOB-to-BOB intitiatives and collaborations, kicking off a new Membership Program (http://ilovebobs.com/membership/), stepping up our Cash Mob game for 2017 and so much that we need help, and a lot of it!

I will be leading the newly formed #iLoveBOBs Marketing and Business Outreach Committee.  Committee members must maintain #iLoveBOBs Professional Membership, which entitles to discounts to the breakfast and all events, plus so much more! Memberships are slated to launch at February 2017 meeting, however early memberships are available now.

The duties shall include:

  1. External outreach to BOBs to introduce #iLoveBOBs Mission, programs and membership
  2. Actively help promote awareness of #iLoveBOBs events
  3. Create relevant News blog post that are congruent to our Mission and Values, not self promotion!
  4. Capture photos and video at events to post in #iLoveBOBs Portal and social media platforms
  5. Manage weekly BOBtrain on facebook.com/iLoveBOBsUSA to enable public promotion of BOBs visited
  6. Engage African-American business owners for potential membership
  7. Creation of Press Releases and other press related communications
  8. Create and implement a LinkedIn Strategy

If this seems like a daunting list, don’t worry, you can pick and choose the 1 , 2 or 3 items that best fit your life comfort level and schedule. If you are ready to raise your hand to step up, please complete our Contact Us Form and include:

  • Subject: Marketing and Business Outreach Committee
  • Your Message: include your LinkedIn profile URL and which duties above by number you would prefer


– Joel Wilson, #iLoveBOBs Team Member

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