#iLoveBOBs Business Memberships

Professional Membership (w/ FREE Trial)
1 month for free then $150 / year
Free Subscription to our quarterly electronic newsletter and email alerts on upcoming events and exhibits.
* same benefits as Professional Membership
* Includes (1) Month Free Trial Period!
Professional Membership
$150 / year
* FREE #iLoveBOBs T-Shirt (with paid membership)
* Business directory listing on App (coming soon) & Website
* 24 hour access to our online resources
* Monthly Breakfast Discount
* Discounts on iLoveBOBs Special Events
* Priority for Cash Mob opportunity for retail and event space members
* Catering and Event Planning opportunities
* Two 1-Hour Complimentary Technology Consultations ($250..00 Value)
* 20% Discount on computer repair, support, and networking services from JCW Computer Consulting, LLC (
* Strategic Planning in Foundation Management
* Financial Education & Wealth Building Resources
* Relationship & Sales Training Tutorials
* Time Management Tutorials
* Accountability, Delegation & Positive Thinking Training
Breakfast Sponsorship
$500 / year
If your Mission and Vision are congruent with #iLoveBOBs, and you have a product or service that brings value to Black Owned Businesses, you should consider sponsoring a breakfast to gain an invaluable audience.
* Sponsorship of (1) Monthly Breakfast
* 1-month lead promotion prior to sponsored breakfast
* (2) tickets to sponsored breakfast
* Table Display

Our goal is to help your business grow and thrive. This will require a commitment from you to engage, network and implement our resources that are best suited for your particular enterprise. Please familiarize yourself with the Harvard Business Review: The Five Stages of Small Business Growth. We would like to know your current Growth Stage on the online application. Feel free to Contact Us to ask questions.

The #iLoveBOBs Business Membership is a private organization sponsored by I Love BOBs, LLC. We reserve the right to refuse anyone deemed in-congruent with our Mission or Core Values.  



  • To serve as a referral network for professional development, continuing education, and capacity building for Black Owned Business Owners (BOBs).
  • To provide a cooperative marketing platform to support quality BOBs, leveraging the Internet and Social Media.
  • To empower quality BOBs to hire more staff, decreasing the unemployment rate and increasing customer and sales base.
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