Why iLoveBOBs!

“If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?”
― John E. Lewis

We all know there are several problems within the black community. The source of the problem has been a debatable topic in forums, churches, conferences, in and around barbershops and other social gatherings when the question, “Why blacks can’t come together” is raised.

This is why iLoveBOBs! That debate is silenced with what am I doing to make our community better. This is about me. It’s a personal declaration, iLoveBOBs! I don’t have to ask why. I now ask myself, “what can I do?” I can’t fault anyone but myself If my community remain in an unfavorable condition.

I can’t look at my neighbor and get upset that he/she isn’t doing what I’m doing. I must search out the men and women who are doing what’s in their hearts to make the conditions around them just a little better.

In this case, 5 people said, “iLoveBOBs”, and we believe a change in how we do business will make our conditions a little better. I’m happy to have found many of you making the same pledge.

“The homie said “Hov, there ain’t many of us
I told him less is more, family it’s plenty of us”

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